Alex Dupree "You Winsome, You Lonesome" cassette


Alex Dupree "You Winsome, You Lonesome" cassette


This is a preorder for the cassette version of the Alex Dupree album You Winsome, You Lonesome coming out Friday, June 9. The record features member of Balmorhea and Alex's finest songwriting to date. This is a literary record with lyrics that can stand on their own. 

Side A
1. You Winsome
2. Easy Bardo
3. The Long Weekend
4. I Deal
5. You Lonesome

Side B

1. Swimmer
2. You Gruesome
3. Texas Doesn't Care
4. My Sweet Heart
5. You Ransom 

Alex Dupree (guitar, piano, vocal) 
Bradley Kerl (drums, guitar) 
Seth Woods (bass, guitar) 
Sean Padilla (drums, bass) 
Rob Lowe (piano, clavichord, wurlitzer) 
Aisha Burns (violins, arrangement) 
Evan Kaspar (pedal steel) 
Roberto Sanchez (drums) 

Songs by Alex Dupree
Recorded by Mark Henry, Andrew Hernandez, Michael Landon
Mixed by Andrew Hernandez
Mastered by Alex Saltz
Artwork by Bradley Kerl

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