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The Room Outside's self-titled debut album was our first release in June 2014. The band is comprised of guitarist/singer Karrie Hopper, accompanied by her sister Roxane on bass and Loren Bienvenu on drums. They toured the US in late 2013 and again in early 2014. After the release of their album, Marcus Renninger joined the band as their fourth member.

"The Room Outside’s debut record is a lovely slice of minimal twee pop. Hopper’s songs are still as structurally strong as ever, and it’s amazing to hear how great they sound fleshed out with minimal power trio accompaniment. Luckily, the band still keeps things pretty stripped down on the record, which makes the additional instrumentation on tracks, like “Once Upon a Time” and “Heaven,” sound huge when compared to the minimalist production elsewhere.The Room Outside also taps into another trait I’ve always admired in Hopper’s work: the ability to make something new sound completely familiar."-- Marcus Rubio, Tiny Mix Tapes 

The Room Outside is currently on hiatus, but Karrie and Marcus are currently at work on a new project.